Over 4,000 Objectsand art in our Artefact Collection
More than 3,500 linear feet of Records in our Archival Collection
More than 50,000 Ship Plans and over 3,500 linear feet of records in our collection
A broad range of instruments, tools and equipment used by mariners and shipbuilders
More than 31,000 Photos professional and amateur over many decades

Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston

55 Ontario Street, Kingston, Ontario K7L 2Y2

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Open Monday - Friday, 10:00 - 4:00

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Hinterhoeller Drawings Donated to Marine Museum

The Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston was honoured and excited to recently receive the personal drawings and files of noted Canadian boat builder and designer George Hinterhoeller for inclusion in the Yachting Collection at the marine Museum.

George Hinterhoeller was a major player and contributor to the Canadian Sailboat Industry for almost forty years. Along with the other members of C&C Yachts he too was inducted (posthumously) into the Legends of Ontario Sailing in 2011. Being able to include George Hinterhoeller’s own drawings of his own designs, as well as corporate files from Hinterhoeller Yachts to the already extensive Yachting Collection of the Marine Museum is a major coup. Full story is here.

Welcome to the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes

Marine Museum

The Marine Museum of the Great Lakes in Kingston was founded in 1975. Located on 55 Ontario St. at the only federally built dry dock on the Great Lakes, the Marine Museum houses the original pumping station and steam engines built in 1891. 

The Museum has on display a wide ranging collection of marine artifacts and exhibits, a significant fine art collection, and is home to the Gordon C. Shaw Study Centre, and Audrey Rushbrook Memorial Library.  Current exhibits highlight the growth of ship building and shipping technologies, the history of boat building, the life of the sailor, as well as regional Kingston's maritime history and our place on the Great Lakes.  The recently opened Eco Gallery focuses on environmental issues/successes related to the Great Lakes.

The Museum Ship Alexander Henry was built in 1959. A former buoy tender and light icebreaker for the Canadian Coast Guard, the Alexander Henry is a fine example of shipbuilding from the last century. With its twenty ton crane, block and tackle, hydraulic ram and other functional machinery, visiting students can learn first hand about this purpose built structure, and about ice breaking in Canadian waters. The ship is available for tours from May - October, weather permitting.

In The News: Marine Museum of The Great Lakes (Kingston, Ontario) - by Alex Binkley, Canadian Sailings Magazine

News Update - Museum's Future in Peril

The Marine Museum faces its greatest challenge as the Canadian federal government prepares to sell the Kingston Dry Dock and Engine House, designated a National Historic Site, and the property the Marine Museum has occupied the last 40 years. News Update - Fate of the Marine Museum: Station 14 video. News Update Two - Chris West, Board Chair determines Next move for the Marine Museum: Station 14 video.

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