Mission: To inspire an enduring connection to the maritime heritage of Kingston and the Great Lakes.

Vision: To be Canada's premier museum for studying, exhibiting and preserving the maritime heritage of Kingston and the largest body of inter-connected fresh water lakes in the world.


The Marine Museum of the Great Lakes derives its strength from its many volunteers.

Whether you're an experienced Seaman with extensive nautical knowledge or a student looking for your forty hours of community service, the Marine Museum offers a volunteer opportunity for everyone!

Take a look at the brief descriptions of just some of our volunteer possibilities here.  Contact our Office Administrator to make an appointment to discuss volunteer opportunities.  You can download/print a Volunteer Application here.

For all positions the Museum offers training and orientation. While experience is an asset, none is required for most positions.  Depending on the nature of the volunteer position, a current police check (CPIC) may be required.  For more information please contact the Office Administrator at the Museum.

Volunteer Policy

The Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston engages volunteers at all levels of its operation. The Marine Museum encourages a mutually beneficial environment where members of the Board of Trustees, Staff and Volunteers work in a collegial atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance to achieve common goals and objectives which will benefit the Museum.

For the purposes of this document, a volunteer is defined as an individual who performs a service requested, agreed upon, and supervised by the Marine Museum without expectation of compensation.  Such an individual agrees to adhere to all relevant federal, provincial and municipal regulations which govern their actions and to follow the policies of Marine Museum.

Direct administration of volunteers (recruitment, retention and recognition) is the responsibility of the Executive Director with the assistance of the Volunteer Committee, and is guided by Marine Museum Volunteer policies and procedures.