Intermediate Programs

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Marine Museum Educational Intermediate Programs Grades 7-10


Eco Invaders! Gr. 7 - 90 min

Curriculum links:Grade 4 Science: 1.2,  Grade 6 Science: 3.7 Grade 7 Science: 2.3, 2.4, 3.7

Both big and small, invasive species can have a major impact on our ecosystems. In this exciting and interactive game, students will observe and experience the kind of impact the introduction of a new species can have on an ecosystem and what we can do to prevent it.


Artefact Investigation All grades - 45-60 min (can be adjusted as needed)

Go behind the scenes and discover the secret lives of historical artefacts! Learn about what an artefact is, how museums acquire them and how to properly handle and care for them. Students will be able to handle and analyze real museum artefacts. 


Materials for programs generously provided by the Community Foundation of Kingston & Area