Woman and child doing a craft

We offer a variety of activities for youth to explore the Museum’s educational content from home. Perfect for learning from home or entertainment on a rainy day! Children will have the opportunity to learn and explore the environmental, economic and social histories of the Great Lakes in fun, interactive ways.

Modelled after our School Programs, these activities can be done at any time, with materials you have at home! All our programs can be adapted to be age-appropriate for groups between the ages 5-13.


March of the Museum 2023

Take a deep dive this march break with our 2023 craft, Submerse Yourself in the Great Lakes. This craft welcomes you to learn about the history and explore the Great Lakes in your very own submarine!

Download the instructions and information here.

Take Home Activities

These adapted activities come from some of our most popular youth programs! Learn about local ecosystems, water pollution, lock technology, buoyancy, history, or geography by picking one of these activities to explore our Great Lakes from home!

Find our Take-Home Activities here.


Virtual Challenges

We also offer a regular series of virtual challenges through our social media pages. We invite you to sample some of these challenges below!

Great Lakes Who’s Who

Discover more about the ecosystems and trophic levels of the Great Lakes and the many organisms that call them home! Download and print this package, and then have fun cutting and pasting each of the organisms in their proper homes! 

Download activity package.

Word Searches

Print off our word searches and explore the ecosystems, invasive species, nautical expressions, and sailing technology and history of the Great Lakes! 

Download word search.